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What Does Scabies Look Like?

Well what does scabies look like? You can see from the ‘rash’ picture above that the condition is far worst than just a rash! Scabies which is also referred to as mange is a horrendous skin infection that causes untold misery to any dog or puppy that is unlucky enough to have become infected by the parasite referred to as ‘Sarcoptes Scabiei’.

To get a good understanding of this terrible skin condition we have provided some quite shocking pictures  - please bear in mind that this page is dedicated to actually seeing the condition, its symptoms and how it affects dogs and puppies, giving our readers an insight to how Sarcoptic Mange affects each individual dog. For information on its treatment and diagnosis take a look at our page on the causes of scabies.

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Scabies In Dogs

As you can see from the pictures scabies in dogs and puppies is a debilitating skin disease that causes untold misery to any dog or puppy that becomes infected. As discussed the disease is caused by a parasite referred to as Sarcoptes Scabiei. The female mites will burrow through the skin laying eggs in the tunnels as she burrows.

As you can see from the pictures this condition is far more common in stray and wild dogs that are not fortunate enough to get treated or have the necessary love and care that a pet dog would receive.

This page was dedicated to pictures of scabies - at the bottom of this page is a complete guide to the causes and treatment of this nasty skin infection. Please remember that Scabies (also referred to as Mange) is highly contagious and can be easily transmitted from dog to dog.