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How to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your Dog


Mosquitoes are miserable enough for people to deal with, and they’re equally annoying to our dogs. They get bug bites just as easily as we do, and they can also get the various diseases that mosquitoes carry. While dogs are immune to some of the diseases mosquitoes have been known to carry, they can contract some of them such as West Nile Virus and Heartworm disease. Prevention against these threats is the best option, and there are several methods of keeping mosquitoes away from your dog.

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Don’t Use Mosquito Repellants Meant for Humans

If mosquitoes are a particularly significant problem for your dog, resist the urge to spray human bug spray on them. While it may keep the mosquitoes away, the ingredients in most human bug sprays are extremely toxic to dogs, especially DEET. The side effects can be as mild as skin irritation or as serious as vomiting and even seizures. If the dog consumed a substantial amount of the spray, it could cause permanent damage and possibly death.

I was outside one day working on my most recent Wealthy Affiliate review, and while I was doing ok with bug spray, my dog was getting attacked by mosquitos. I just had to find a way to keep those pesky things away from my dog.

What To Know About Bug Spray & Your Dog

Keep Your Dog Away from Bodies of Water

Mosquitoes love water. Not only do they need it to survive, but they also breed in water. Even small areas with water such as puddles, bird baths or a water dish can attract mosquitoes, but they are especially populous in areas such as ponds and swamps. Keep your dog away from outside sources of water as much as possible. If you dog has a water bowl outside, empty it at night and flip it upside down to help prevent mosquitoes from trying to breed in it.

Attract Natural Predators of Mosquitoes

If mosquitoes still tend to hang around your home, you can try to eliminate them naturally by attracting some of their predators. Birds and bats absolutely love snacking on mosquitoes, and they’re fairly easy to attract to your yard. Simply put out some bird and bat houses and maybe put out some bird seed and a little cover to make the area especially appealing to birds and bats.

Use Mosquito Repelling Products

There are several reliable mosquito repellants made specifically for canine use. K9 Advantix II, Bio Spot and Flys Off are just a few of the top brands of bug repellent for use on pets. The best part is that these products usually don’t need to be applied on a daily basis like a human would have to do. In fact, most of these products will repel several different types of bugs from your dog for over 30 days.

Use Natural Alternatives

If chemical solutions aren’t to your liking, there are several natural methods of keeping mosquitoes off of your dog. Mixing geranium and soybean oil together makes a fantastic mosquito repellant for dogs. The effects typically last for around four hours, but it can be made very cheaply, is safe for continued usage on a dog’s skin and has no harsh smell.

Lemon eucalyptus oil is also one of the most popular natural mosquito repellents for dogs and humans alike. In fact, there are special sprays of the oil meant specifically for dogs, and even clip-on insect repellants for their collars to keep their fur from getting oily. Just ensure that if you do get a commercial version of the oil that it’s meant for canine use.

Finally, simply using citrus juice of any kind will help repel mosquitoes away from your dog. Cut up a fresh citrus fruit, such as a lemon or grapefruit, and rub it into your dog’s fur, being mindful of the eyes and mouth. You can also bottle the juice and make a spray for it. This method typically lasts around two to three hours.

Just ensure that you properly research any natural method that you choose. Some methods may end up causing skin irritation and others may possibly be toxic to your dog.

Repel Mosquitoes from the Yard

There are some yard foggers, sprays, citronella candles and coils and even some electrical devices that can keep mosquitoes away from your yard and pets. Remember to keep your dog far away from areas where these are being used, however, as they can be a hazard to your pet.

There are many cheap and easy ways to keep mosquitoes away from your dog, and every effort to do so will help keep your dog happy, healthy and safe. Plus, keeping mosquitoes away from your dog will also help to keep them away from you and your family, making your home and everyday life even safer.