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How to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your Dog

Mosquitoes are miserable enough for people to deal with, and they’re equally annoying to our dogs. They get bug bites just as easily as we do, and they can also get the various diseases that mosquitoes carry. While dogs are immune to some...

Keep Your Small Dog Safe

6 Ways to Keep Your Small Dog Safe

Caring for a small dog carries special responsibilities that every new dog owner should know. Because of their size, these dogs may be especially vulnerable to temperature and injury from everyday activities. These issues often occur with small...

Summer Dog Safety

Ten Dangers to Your Dog During the Summer

Summer opens up a lot of things for dog owners to do. However, responsible dog owners should be aware of the dangers that the season can bring to their pets. 1. Sunburn Dogs can get sunburned, just like people. Light-colored dogs and dogs with...